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Mar as miann leam, cuir crìoch air seo a-nis.

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August 24, 2017
Entertainment Weekly 14 Outlander Season 3 Photos

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Outlander-Inspired Custom Merchandise

My grandmother started teaching me how to sew when I was five years old, and I've been doing it off and on ever since. After retiring from my IT career in 2010, I've been spending most of my time building up my leather workshop and making leather purses, coats, belts, holsters, pouches, cases, vests, etc. But even though my primary passion is sewing leather, I'm not limited to that medium by any means. I go wherever my passion leads me, and the beautiful costumes in Outlander are such an inspiration. I want to see my own "Jamie" in a kilt (although he says nobody wants to see his white knees). Some of the items I've either made or want to make are listed below:

As soon as I saw The Wedding episode, I was itching to make Claire's shift (I'd love to make the wedding dress, corset, underskirts, etc. too—I know I could—but realistically, that would take lots of material and hundreds of hours, and where would I possibly wear something like that?), and to be honest, it wouldn't look nearly as good on me as it did on Cait! That gorgeous shift, however, would be a no-brainer to make, and flattering on just about anyone. And it's practical! So I made it. It turned out just gorgeous! If you'd like me to make a custom shift, made to your measurements and specifications, click here or on the photo on the left.

Another item from The Wedding episode that I wanted to make was Ellen's pearl necklace that Jamie gave to Claire on their wedding day. In the book, he gave it to her just before the wedding; in the show he gave it to her when he woke up on their wedding night and saw her staring at the fire. I think the descriptions of Ellen's pearl necklace are a little different between the book and TV show, so I've sort of merged them together into MY version, which is a 36 inch strand of beautiful freshwater pearls with small plated metal beads between. I didn't add a clasp because I don't intend to double-loop it, but it would be easy to add a clasp if you'd like. I also made matching earrings. If you'd like to order one of these necklaces with or without a clasp, and with or without earrings, just click here or on the photo on the left.

In the Lallybroch episode, Claire wore another gorgeous shift with a lace shawl wrapped around her shoulders. The shift was very much like the Wedding shift, but the neck edge was ruffled! So I made those two pieces as well. The price is dependent on the cost of the materials, so 100% linen is more expensive than a 60% linen/40% cotton blend. You can order it with or without the lace shawl. If you'd like to order this shift, just click here or on the photo.

Jamie's sporran is supposedly made out of badger-skin. I've found hair-on (and it's beautiful, and people do make sporrans out of them), but a hairless tanned badger-skin hide isn't that easy to find. I've been working on a prototype, and even though I used deerskin instead of badger, I think my first attempt turned out pretty good. Note that the "button" is an actual piece of antler that we cut with our band saw. It's completely hand laced. Can't wait to fill it with some fishing line, fish hooks, a dried mole's foot (for protection against rhumatism), and a little hand-carved wooden snake. I designed the pattern so that it can be worn on a belt, like Jamie does, or if you'd rather, I can attach an optional handle and easily turn it into a purse. If you'd like to order one, just click here or on the photo

And did you notice that great leather jacket that Jamie wore in the episode S01-E12 Lallybroch, and the fact that his father wore the same one in the flashback of when he died? Well, I was at the leather store (a place I frequent), and found the perfect hide to make it. So that's coming up in the near future. If you want one, let me know and I'll keep you in the loop as it's coming together (send an e-mail to mary\@girvenconsulting.com).

The bridle on Brimstone, the horse that Claire rides in several episodes starting with S01-E04 The Gathering, has leather lace! I'm itching to reproduce that piece too, but I don't own a horse :(

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