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August 24, 2017
Entertainment Weekly 14 Outlander Season 3 Photos

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Outlander TV Show on STARz — Season Three

Below are the Season Three Outlander episodes that have aired, or are scheduled to air, on STARZ:

Season Three covers the story in the book Voyager, by Diana Gabaldon:

  S03-E01  The Battled JoinedFirst aired on 9/10/2017
  S03-E02  SurrenderFirst aired on 9/17/2017
  S03-E03  All Debts PaidFirst aired on 9/24/2017
  S03-E04  Of Lost ThingsFirst aired on 10/1/2017
  S03-E05  Freedom & WhiskyFirst aired on 10/8/2017
  S03-E06  A. MalcolmFirst aired on 10/22/2017
  S03-E07  Crème de MentheFirst aired on 10/29/2017
  S03-E08  First WifeFirst aired on 11/5/2017
  S03-E09  The DoldrumsFirst aired on 11/12/2017
  S03-E10  Heaven & EarthFirst aired on 11/19/2017
  S03-E11  UnchartedFirst aired on 11/26/2017
  S03-E12  The BakraFirst aired on 12/3/2017
  S03-E13  Eye of the StormFirst aired on 12/10/2017

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