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August 24, 2017
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*** SPOILER ALERT! *** This page may contain spoilers. Read only if you want to know!
Outlander TV Show Timeline

This Outlander timeline is a work in progress! It is nowhere near complete yet.
Since you haven't specified any Outlander Books, Novels, Novellas and Stories that you have read, information from the TV Shows will be used.

18th Century and earlier:20th Century:
Brian Robert David Fraser (Jamie's father) was born in Inverness-shire Scotland (~S01-E12)
Sep 3Jonathon Wolverton Randall was born (~S01-E15)
Oct 20Claire was born (~S01-E11)
Jenny was born (she was 2 when Jamie was born) (~S01-E13)
Ian was born (he was a year older than Jamie) (~S01-E13)
Jamie was born (when Willie was 3?) (~S01-E13)
Jamie's brother Willie died of smallpox at age 11? (when Jamie was 8) (~S01-E13)
Jamie's Mother Ellen died in childbirth (when Jamie was 10?) (~S01-E13)
The year that Roger was born as Claire said he was seven or eight when she last saw him, and Roger said that must have been in 1947 or '48 (~S02-E13)
Brian Robert David Fraser (Jamie's father) died at Fort William of a stroke while watching Jamie be flogged the second time within a week by Black Jack (~S01-E12)
Apr 13Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, Fergus, and their men arrive at the Jacobite headquarters near Inverness (~S02-E12)
OctClaire and Frank go to Inverness, Scotland on a second honeymoon (~S01-E01)
Oct 30The last seen date on the £1000 Reward flyer for information about the Highlander Frank saw the night before Claire disappeared (~S01-E08)
Oct 31The last seen date on the MISSING flyer with a reward of £1500 for information about Claire's whereabouts (~S01-E08)
Nov 1Claire wakes up after touching the stone at Craigh na Dun and can't find her car where she left it. Then she sees someone who she thinks is Frank, but with long hair and a Redcoat uniform on. He introduces himself as Jonathan Randall Esquire, Captain of His Majestie's Eighth Dragoons. She's shocked that he tries to rape her when she doesn't give him the answers he wants. Murtagh knocks him out and takes Claire with him to a cottage where she meets Dougal and his men, and sets Jamie's dislocated shoulder. They all mount up and she rides in front of Jamie in the rain all night long. (~S01-E01)
Nov 2The next day as they're riding near Cocknammon Rock, Claire remembers Frank telling her about it being used by the Redocoats to ambush the Scots and tells Jamie, who tells Dougal just in time to be ready when they are ambushed. Jamie's shot but doesn't tell anyone until he faints and falls off his horse later that night, and Claire bandages him again, surprising the other men by her language. (~S01-E01)
Nov 1The date on the letter Colum is composing on his desk that Claire sees when she's snooping around his office waiting for their first interview. (~S01-E02)
Nov 3Dougal's and his men, including Murtagh and Jamie, and Claire who is their captive, arrive at Castle Leoch. She sees to Jamie's wounds, he explains the scars on his back, and how he was arrested and flogged. She is missing Frank, and Jamie comforts her and tells her she's safe as long as he's nearby. What about when he's not? (~S01-E02)
Nov 4The next day Dougal's brother Colum, Laird of the MacKenzie clan, welcomes Claire and agrees to her request for transport back to Inverness in five days, but he continues to interrogate her and is not buying her story. He's happy to hear about her healing talents, and she helps him with his pain. (~S01-E02)
Nov 8At The Hall where Colum passes judgements, Mrs. Fitz' granddaughter Laoghaire is sentenced to a beating for loose behavior and Jamie offers to take the beating for her, which surprises Claire since he's still healing from his wounds. She tends his wounds again. Later Laoghaire and Jamie are seen kissing and Claire teases him about it at supper. (~S01-E02)
Nov 9As Claire is preparing to leave with the tinker Sean Petry, Dougal takes her to see Colum in the same chamber where she'd been with Frank only a week before, and Colum tells her she can't leave; he wants her to take over as their healer and this room is her surgery. She's furious and trapped. (~S01-E02)
Nov 1Claire touches the stone at Craigh na Dun and accidentally falls back 202 years in time to 1743 (~S01-E01)
Dec 14Claire and Dougal are taken to Brockton (on MacKenzie land) where Claire is questioned by Brigadier General Sir Oliver Lord Thomas, and later by Black Jack, who wants to know who she's working for. He describes in horrific detail about how he flogged Jamie, accuses her of lying to him, and then punches her hard in the stomach. Dougal comes to her rescue and asks him if he really wants to start a war on MacKenzie soil, so Black Jack lets them leave but says he must deliver her to Fort William in two days time. (~S01-E06)
Dec 14After assuring himself that Claire is not lying about denying to be an English spy, Dougal reveals to Claire his plan to legally keep her out of Jack Randall's hands (~S01-E06)
Dec 15About six weeks after Claire comes through the stones at Craigh na Dun, Jamie and Claire are married in a church by a priest while on the road with Dougal collecting rent (~S01-E07)
Dec 17Hugh Munro, Jamie's mute friend, finds him and Claire having a picnic on a cliff. Hugh gives Claire a dragonfly in amber as a wedding gift, and tells Jamie, using his own hand signals, that a Redcoat deserter named Horrocks knows who killed the soldier that Jamie is accused of murdering, and is willing to meet with Jamie and tell him who it was, for a price. As they're heading to meet with Horrocks, Jamie and Claire are enjoying themselves in a glen and are attacked by two Redcoat deserters Harry and Arnold, Arnold is trying to rape Claire but she kills him and Jamie kills the startled Harry. As they're on the way again, Jamie orders Claire to stay hidden in a copse because it's too dangerous, but she sees Craigh na Dun in the distance, and heads there trying to return to Frank, but is captured and taken to Black Jack, who thinks she's a spy and tries to rape her again. But Willie saw her capture and went to tell Jamie, who shows up to rescues her for the mid season cliffhanger. (~S01-E08)
Dec 21Claire is climbing up the hill to Craigh na Dun (about a week after her marriage to Jamie) and is captured by the Redcoats and taken to Fort William where she is questioned by Black Jack, and he tries to rape her (again). Jamie shows up in the window holding a gun on Randall, saying, I'll thank ye to take your hands off my wife! (~S01-E08)
Dec 21Frank is leaving Inverness and stops at Craigh na Dun. A news report about General Patton's death is on the radio, that sets the date as December 21, 1945, 7 weeks past when Claire disappeared on October 31, 1945 (~S01-E08)
MarThe Duke of Sandringham arrives at Castle Leoch and Jamie is hopeful he can help to get him pardoned from the murder charge that has haunted him since his escape from Fort William after his second flogging in 1740 (~S01-E10)
MarClaire discovers that Geillis is pregnant by Dougal (~S01-E10)
MarWord comes that Dougal's wife Maura has died. Colum orders Dougal to return home to take care of things, and orders Jamie to accompany him. Jamie warns Claire to stay away from Geillis as she is dangerous (~S01-E10)
MarGeillis poisons her husband Arthur with cyanide (~S01-E10)
MarClaire and Geillis are arrested and tried for witchcraft (~S01-E10)
MarGeillis and Claire are found guility and condemned to burn, Claire mouths off and gets beaten, Jamie shows up to rescue Claire, Geillis states she's a witch and Claire is innocent, and Claire and Jamie leave as Geillis is carried off (to be burned at the stake?) (~S01-E11)
MarClaire tells Jamie EVERYTHING and he takes her to Craigh na Dun so she can go back to Frank, but she decides her life is with him now and they head for Lallybroch (~S01-E11)
MarClaire and Jamie arrive at Lallybroch and see Wee Jamie (Aaron Wright) first, then his sister Jenny who is very pregnant. They embrace, she introduces her son, and Jamie's angry at Jenny for naming her son, which he assumes is Randall's bastard, after him and having another child without a father. She flies right back at him and they have it out. Then her husband Ian, who's missing his right leg, shows up and is happy to see his Laird and best friend Jamie, is happy to meet Claire, and is clearly the father of both of Jenny's children. They settle in but Jenny is very hostile toward both Jamie and Claire. (~S01-E12)
Apr 1It's Quarter Day (presumably the first day of the new quarter) and Lallybroch tenents come to pay their rent and celebrate the Laird's return (~S01-E12)
Apr 1Jamie shows Ronald MacNab the difference between abuse and discipline; Jamie gets drunk (~S01-E12)
Apr 2Jamie wakes up with a huge hangover, then fixes the water wheel at the grain mill and Jenny sees the scars on his back for the first time. Later they visit their father's grave (~S01-E12)
AprIan kills Horrocks when he threatens Jamie's family if Jamie won't give him more money to relocate in Boston (~S01-E13)
AprJenny goes into laber and the midwife is not available, so Claire helps her, but the baby's breech, so it is very long and hard. The Watch are there. (~S01-E13)
AprIan and Jamie go with MacQuarrie and the Watch on the raid that Horrocks had set up, which is really an ambush where MacQuarrie and Jamie are arrested by the Redcoats, Ian and Crenshaw escape, and the others in the watch are killed and left to rot (~S01-E13)
AprJenny and Ian's daughter Margaret Ellen (Maggie) was born at Lallybroch (she was breach, or a 'footling' as Jenny called it). She and Claire wait several days for Ian and Jamie to return, but only Ian hobbles home with Crenshaw's help. He tells them that Jamie's been captured by the Redcoats (~S01-E13)
AprIan makes a map of where Jamie was captured, and Jenny and Claire leave Lallybroch to track down and rescue Jamie (~S01-E14)
AprJenny and Claire find the Redcoats and MacQuarrie, but discover that Jamie has escaped. They capture a courier with news of Jamie's escape. Claire destroys the letter and Murtagh kills him. Jenny goes home and Murtagh and Claire continue the search traveling very visibly from town to town, Murtagh dancing, Claire telling fortunes and singing, all the while hoping that Jamie will find them. (~S01-E14)
JunDougal sends a message through the gypsies to Claire to meet at Glen Rowan Cross, then he tells her that Jamie was captured by the English and was sentenced to hang at Wentworth Prison, soon. She expects him to help rescue Jamie but he refuses, offering to marry her instead to protect her from Randall (he has alterior motives). She says she MUST try to save Jamie. Willie, Angus and Rupert decide to help her and Murtagh and the five of them head to Wentworth Prison. (~S01-E14)
JunMacQuarrie hangs at Wentworth Prison and Jamie is up next, but Black Jack delays the execution so he can have his fun first. Claire tries to rescue him but only makes things worse as Black Jack threatens Claire to get Jamie's cooperation. Black Jack is a sadist and is focused on breaking him both physically and emotionally before he dies. EXTREMELY DISTURBING! (~S01-E15)
JunClaire tells Black Jack she IS a witch and curses him with the hour of his death, then Angus finds her in the woods and takes her to Sir Marcus MacRannoch's home where they try to enlist his help in rescuing Jamie. Murtagh comes up with a rescue plan involving MacRannoch's cows. (~S01-E15)
JunClaire tells Father Anselm everything after they rescue Jamie from Wentworth prison (8 months after she and Frank go to Inverness on holiday in October, 1945) (~S01-E16)
JulJamie, Claire, and Murtagh arrive at the port of Le Havre, France in (summer of) 1744 aboard the Cristabel. (I think it's late June or early July because Claire told Father Anselm at the abbey it had been 8 months since she went on a second honeymoon with her husband in October 1945 and fell through the stones at Samhain, which we know was November 1st or so, 1743, and 8 months later would be June (or possibly early July). They were only at the abbey a short time before they left for France on the Cristabel headed towards Le Havre. That trip would not have taken more than a few days.) (~S02-E01)
OctClaire, Jamie, and Murtagh are in Paris staying at Jarad's apartment. They've been there for three months when the story picks up again. Jamie still wakes up from nightmares of what happened at Wentworth Prison, so Claire goes to an Apothecary to get herbs to treat insomnia and meets Master Raymond (~S02-E02)
OctClaire goes to Louise de Rohan's house and meets Mary Hawkins for the first time (while Louise is having her legs and "Honey Pot" waxed -- Claire too! She is seeking an invitation to Versailles so she and Jamie can thwart the Jacobite rebellion before it starts to take shape). (~S02-E02)
Jul 23Charles Stuart lands in Scotland at Eriskay and begins gathering his army (~S02-E08)
Sep 19Two days before the Battle of Prestonpans, Jamie meets a young Brittish scout named William Grey (really John William Grey, later known as Lord John, who is only 16 years old at the time) who recognizes Red Jamie and tries to slit his throat (~S02-E09)
NovWhen the Jacobite army turned around and retreated back to Scotland (~S02-E12)
Claire wakes up at Craig na Dun very upset, wishing she were dead, then asks a man who stopped his car what year it was and he replied 1948 (~S02-E01)
Apr 16The date that the Battle of Culloden was fought (as Frank points out to Claire when they visited Culloden moor) (~S01-E05)
Apr 13Date Claire, Jamie, Murtagh, Fergus, Dougal and the Lallybroch men arrived at the Jacobite camp near Inverness (~S02-E12)
Apr 16The date that Claire told Black Jack he would die (~S02-E12)
Apr 15Date Colum committed suicide by taking yellow jasmine (~S02-E13)
Apr 16Date Dougal freaked out the last time, attacked and tried to kill Claire and Jamie, and died as a result (~S02-E13)
Apr 16Jamie told Claire she must go back to Frank, she refused choosing to die with him, but he said he knew she was pregnant and and had promised him and she must go back to save their child, so he took her to Craigh na Dun, they made love, and he slowly danced her to the center stone, then put his hand over hers as she went through it back to 1968 - HEARTBREAKING! (~S02-E13)
Apr 16The disasterous Battle of Culloden takes place (~S03-E01)
NovMonth Brianna Ellen Randall was born in Boston (~S02-E13)
Apr 18Republic of Ireland Act came into force and Claire read about it in the Globe when Brianna turned over by herself for the first time (~S03-E02)
Fergus gets his left hand cut off and Jamie has his sister Jenny turn him in to the Redcoats for the reward (~S03-E02)
Brianna asks for Eggo toaster waffles so Frank made a full English breakfast with black pudding and bread fried in bacon fat (~S03-E03)
Jamie is payrolled at Helwater, England, working for Lord Dunsany, who knows him as Alexander MacKenzie (~S03-E04)
Roger discovered that Ardsmuir Prison closed in 1756, and Jamie had been on the roll there in 1753, 1754, and 1755 (~S03-E04)
Claire and Joe Abernathy graduate from medical school, and Frank's girlfriend Sandy shows up at the door unexpectedly (~S03-E03)
Lady Geneva Dunsany (18) is given by her parents to a wealthy old man, Lord Ellesmere, in marriage, much against her wishes. Three days before her wedding she blackmails Jamie into coming to her bedroom and service her. She wants a man like Jamie to be her first, and he can't refuse without risking his family and possibly going back to prison. It really is rape, but he's an awfully good sport about it and is kind to her. She tells him she loves him, but he kindly tells her the difference between passion and love. And of course she gets pregnant. (~S03-E04)
NovBrianna's birthday cake has 16 lighted candles (~S03-E03)
Jamie overhears people talking about how much Willie is starting to look like him, so he makes up his mind that it's time to go back to Scotland; Willie is about 5 or 6 years old and wants to be a "stinking papist" just like Jamie, so he baptizes him, swears him to secrecy, and gives him a wooden snake that he's carved to remember him, just like the one Jamie's brother Willie gave him for his 5th birthday. (~S03-E04)
Brianna granduates from high school (she's 17) (~S03-E03)
Jamie was a printer in Edinburgh (~S03-E05)
Roger, Brianna, and Claire have figured out that based on Claire's experience with the passage of time in the past and present, time passes at the same rate in both centuries, so they should be looking for Jamie in 1766 (~S03-E04)
Dec 24In Boston, Claire, Joe and other people at the hospital watch the live Christmas Eve telecast from the Apollo 8 manned flight to the moon (~S03-E05)

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